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When buying a carpet, we want to keep it in an excellent condition for several years. But it requires a proper care. Even the highest quality carpets could be damaged very fast, if it is cared improperly. Especially woolen carpets are very fragile and require extra care. We have to remember, that some traditional methods of cleaning could damage the carpet permanently.

Instruction for use


If you want to keep your carpet in good condition for a long time, you should follow a few rules:

  • Avoid heavy stains - remove all stains immediately.
  • Hoover regularly.
  • Wet- clean - if needed.


Vacuum Cleaning


To regular cleaning of both, cut and looped fleece carpets, we recommend using a vacuum cleaner or  beater. CAUTION! In products with fleece, at the beginning of exploitation, you could notice loosing fibres from your carpet.
It is normal for that kind of products. You could shorten this period by frequent and proper vacuum cleaning.


Wet Cleaning


When cleaning your carpets at home, it is vital to use only neutral shampoos, not alkaline. The best solution, if you want to wet-clean your carpet, would be renting a professional cleaning company. If you want to do it yourself, you should follow a few rules:

  • Follow the rules at label from carpet manufacturer.
  • Hoover all carpet precisely before using shampoo.
  • Do not allow your carpet to be sodden.
  • Let the carpet dry laying on the floor in room temperature.


Removing stains and dirt


Strong dirt and stains should be removed immediately using blotting paper or fabric to take off liquids. Remove stains starting from the edge and going to the middle. Do not allow your carpet to be soaking wet and do not rub the stain ? rubbing could make the stain bigger and could deform the fleece. Do not use a big dose of cleaning detergent. In case of stains from mud, wait until it is dry, and then vacuum clean it.


Ways of removing stains


Alkohol, liquer Use shampoo and then sponge with spirit.
Butter, oil Remove using sponge with spirit, then shampoo.
Beer Remove using sponge and warm water.
Wine, lemonade Use water with vinegar (50%) and then shampoo.
Coffee, tea Shampoo. If the stain is not removed, use 10% ammonia water.
Shoe polish Use white spirit, then shampoo
Chocolate Use warm water (max 50 C) or 5% solution of ammonia.
Milk. yoghurt Shampoo. Then use sponge with 5% solution of ammonia or spirit.
Blood Use sponge with cold water and then shampoo. At the end use 5% solution of ammonia.
Rust Use 3% solution of potassium oxalate or rust remover for textiles.
Ink Remove liquid using blotting paper. Then use sponge with 30% solution of spirit. Shampoo. You could also use lemon juice.